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Let's say no to a lesson with a murderer and a dictator!

On September 1st, on Knowledge Day, a lesson with Lukashenko will be shown to children and students at schools and universities all over Belarus.

As a father, I can't imagine that I would take my child to a lesson with a murderer. And that's why I want to appeal to Belarusian parents, as well as students.

Remember what the regime has "taught" us in recent years

Lesson one: that the coronovirus is not visible, which means it does not exist. And even if it does exist, those who die from it are to blame themselves. How many Belarusians died during the first waves of the pandemic — we have yet to find out. But the fact that the number will be in the tens of thousands is already beyond doubt.

Lesson two: the Belarusians do not have the right to choose. That presidential candidates can be thrown into prisons in advance. Independent observers can be beaten and arrested right on the polling stations. That after the voting results cannot be published. That one can simply not count the votes of the Belarusians and announce that Lukashenko gained more than 80%. Meanwhile, the real winner of the elections can be forcibly pushed out of the country — as well as hundreds of thousands of Belarusians.

Lesson three: the Belarusians have no rights at all. That by stealing elections from the people, you can give orders to suppress peaceful protests by force of arms. That it is possible to jail tens of thousands of Belarusians who disagree. That people can be beaten, tortured and raped en masse in prisons. That they can be maimed and even killed. That several dozen people can be kept in a four-bed cell — without food, water and mattresses. That chlorine or pepper spray can be poured into their cells. That a person can be arrested for the color of his socks, a white sheet of paper in the window, or a photograph of a marshmallow, and today — even for speaking in Belarusian in the street. That it is possible to eliminate all independent mass media, NGOs, and civil society. And it will not stop there.

Lesson four: Belarusians do not have a country. Belarus' sovereignty and independence can be exchanged for Russia's support and an opportunity to remain in power. That the control over the territory of Belarus can be given to the Russian troops — and that they can be given a springboard for the invasion of Ukraine. That Belarus could be dragged into the war, against the will of the Belarusian people. That it is possible to help Russia massively kill Ukrainians, that it is possible to openly support the war, to launch hundreds of missiles at Ukraine from the territory of Belarus, and at the same time — to threaten Europe with nuclear weapons, turning Belarus into a target for retaliatory strikes. And that it is possible to threaten the very existence of Belarus in principle by allowing its occupation.

This is what the "curriculum" of the Lukashenko regime looks like. This is what we will agree to if we bring our children to a lesson with a dictator and murderer. This is who we will entrust their upbringing to.

I know that these "lessons" have not gone unnoticed for us. I know that they have "taught" many to be cautious, to be afraid, to be silent. But I also know that we have no right to allow these "lessons" to poison our children, their minds and their future.

And so on September 1, I urge you to skip Lukashenko. Say no to a lesson with a murderer and a dictator. Say no to the day of propaganda that the regime is going to turn Knowledge Day into.

Protect your children from hatred and lies. Start small. Skip Lukashenko.


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