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Lukashenka's recognition of Crimea as Russian territory

Recognition of Crimea by the dictator is a test of Ukraine’s leadership for decisiveness

Lukashenka publicly de facto and de jure recognized Crimea as Russian. Interpretations that would allow arguing the opposite — no longer exist.

The only question is in what capacity he made this statement. More precisely, who the Ukrainian leadership considers him to be.

The position of the democratic forces is that Lukashenka is not the president. And all his statements and decisions must be regarded as legally null and void. They should have consequences, in the case of the recognition of Crimea as Russian — whoever Lukashenka is considered in Ukraine today.

We are convinced:

— The time has come for the leadership of Ukraine to declare the official non-recognition of Lukashenka as the president of Belarus.

— To expel the ambassador of the former president of Belarus from Ukraine, declaring him persona non grata.

— Stop any international cooperation with Lukashenka and his representatives and introduce tough economic sanctions.

— Raise the issue of excluding Lukashenka’s representatives from all international organizations to which Ukraine is a member.

Crimea is Ukraine. Belarus is not Russia. Lukashenka is not the president!


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