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"This is more than political repression".

Polina Prismakova, Secretary of the BPR Rada
Polina Prismakova, Secretary of the BPR Rada Source: NAU-media

Opinion of the Secretary of the Rada of the Belarusian People's Republic on the actions of the dictatorship

The crimes of the Lukashenka’s regime, which he has been committing for 27 years, are so large-scale and varied that they immediately claim a number of "honorable" statuses — up to international terrorism. There is an opinion that the actions of the illegitimate authorities, moreover, even in the "dock-like" period, are quite "pulling" even for genocide. Polina Prismakova, Secretary of the BPR Rada, Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration at the Atlantic University in Florida, USA, adheres to this. Here are quotes from her speech at the NAM legal conference in Nuremberg.

  • "Crimes against humanity began in Belarus long before 2020 and bear the character of genocide of Belarusians. There should be no statute of limitations for such cases, and all of them should be considered by the tribunal".

  • "I urge you to turn to such a mechanism of international justice as the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide. We should not wait until hundreds of thousands are killed to make sure that the Lukashenka’s regime is ready to do anything to keep power. We already have those who have died, been arrested, have gone through and are going through torture and political persecution".

  • "We must prevent mass terror of the Belarusian nation".

  • "Pay attention to the widespread prohibition of everything Belarusian: starting with the 1995 referendum, the first step towards limiting the Belarusian language and symbols, and up to the persecution of Belarusians in 2020−21 for possessing something white-red-white. This demonstrates the anti-Belarusian, anti-national orientation of the repressions and gives the events in the country the character of genocide".

  • "Just like the Nazis killed Jews because they are Jews, so Lukashenka’s junta is destroying us because we are Belarusians. Examples range from the recent liquidation of the Belarusian School Society to the closure of the Belarusian-language Lyceum named after Kolas in the past".

  • "The illegal persecution by the junta of representatives of all strata of our people and the targeted extermination of the most visible "conscientious" — this is more than political repression".

  • "And the ability to determine your future through the election of the president is not a political conviction, but the right and duty of every citizen, guaranteed by the Constitution".


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