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Lukashenka's regime complained about the NAM to the Kremlin

Recall: as part of the anti-war movement, the NAM initiated a campaign to fully synchronize sanctions against Putin and Lukashenka regimes for military aggression against Ukraine. And also on the suspension of the activities of foreign companies and service providers in Belarus as well as in Russia.

Yesterday Mishustin and Golovchenko held negotiations, during which the latter actively complained about us to his Russian colleague, asking him for economic assistance and recognizing the high vulnerability of the economy of the Lukashenka regime to sanctions.

Firstly, this is the most eloquent signal that we are doing everything right. Yes, Golovchenko managed to beg Russia for help, but this only means that today the Kremlin is afraid of destabilization in occupied Belarus no less than the Lukashenka regime itself.

Secondly, and it is important for all Belarusians to understand this, the sanctions and the destruction of the Belarusian economy are solely the responsibility of the occupying Russian and puppet Belarusian regimes, which unleashed a war with our brotherly Ukraine and dragged our country into it.

Thirdly, the fate of Ukraine and Belarus, the freedom and independence of both countries are today closely connected. And right now, it is Ukraine that pays an unimaginably high price for its freedom and independence, defending it at the cost of thousands of human lives. The least we can do in this situation is to actively deprive Putin and Lukashenko of the resources to continue the war with Ukraine and the occupation of Belarus.

Each organization that sets as its goals opposition to the regimes of Putin and Lukashenko, ending the war with Ukraine and the occupation of Belarus can support our campaign and together with us call on foreign businesses to suspend their activities in the Belarusian market. Sample letter: link here.

We also invite all structures representing the democratic forces of Belarus to join forces to synchronize sanctions against both regimes and eliminate the "Belarusian offshore", which allows Lukashenka to earn money in the war, and Putin to bypass part of the imposed sanctions.

Not a cent for war and occupation!


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