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Lukashenka's regime must cease to exist

Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei
Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei Source:

The European Parliament banned the admission of Belarusian diplomats and government officials to its headquarters

The National Anti-Crisis Management continues to work aimed at limiting any international contacts of official representatives of the Lukashenka regime, for complicity in aggression against the friendly people of Ukraine and the ongoing mass violations of human rights in Belarus.

After the ban on visiting the headquarters of the Council of Europe and the deprivation of accreditation of a representative of the regime (an employee of the Belarusian embassy in France), a similar decision was made by the European Parliament. This is another "gift" from the NAM to Vladimir Makei.

The NAM thanks the friends of Belarus, the MEPs, who supported the initiative to block the possibility of visiting the European Parliament by representatives of the Lukashenka regime.

Wherever you, Mr. Makei, or your representatives plan to appear, we will do everything to limit your opportunities for interaction with the civilized world. Lukashenka’s regime must cease to exist in Belarus. Resign, Mr Makei.

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