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Lukashenko is an aggressor and profits from war

Providing territory for an attack is an act of aggression. The illegitimate leadership of Belarus are the aggressors

Head of the NAM head Pavel Latushka on Espreso.TV

It is difficult to reconcile the positions of the sides in negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian sides, but it should be a question of a temporary ceasefire and a pause in fire. This does not solve the problem in a global perspective and leaves the risk of continued local clashes and renewed hostilities, but the main thing that needs to be achieved now is to stop shelling cities and stop killing Ukrainians. It would be good if significant progress could be made on other issues as well, but one should not put too much trust in the Russian side when signing such documents.

It should not be forgotten that Lukashenko is under the direct control of the Kremlin and will comply with any instructions that Putin personally gives him. Currently, he is collecting dividends from the current situation: he has already managed to obtain from Russia a reduced price of oil for processing at the Belarusian enterprises and a gas price of USD 120, and also to "unprecedentedly" open the access to the Russian market for the Belarusian goods and to defer the payment of debts to Russia — all this is payment for loyalty to Putin.

At the same time, the West is once again making the mistake of not imposing the toughest possible sanctions on the Belarusian regime, similar to those imposed on Russia, allowing Lukashenko to create an offshore zone in Belarus and sell goods that cannot be bought in Russia.

Lukashenko seized power in 2020, holds it by force and is not the legitimate leader of Belarus. He has provided rail and road support to Belarus for the movement of Russian troops, given away all military infrastructure to foreign armed forces and allowed the use of the territory of Belarus for strikes against our friendly country and the people of Ukraine.

We call for a separation between the Lukashenko regime and Belarusian society. According to the latest polls — 97% of the urban population is categorically against military aggression against Ukraine, this figure is radically different from the polls now being conducted in Russia.

We have already made a statement that the Republic of Belarus should now be considered as a territory temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation. Lukashenko and his puppet government have effectively lost control over the movement of foreign troops on the territory of the country, but this does not absolve them of responsibility. According to the UN General Assembly Resolution: the provision of territory for an attack is an act of aggression, hence the illegitimate leadership of Belarus are the aggressors.


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