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Lukashenka's vertical is afraid that people will come to the polls

"Let the regime know: we have a plan for his 'referendum. The NAM Head Pavel Latushka on the stream of the blogger BalaganOFF

First of all, we must mobilize using the "referendum". This is an opportunity for the supporters of change to see each other, to feel unity again. And through a "referendum" we must give a "vote of no confidence" in the dictator. All this can only be achieved through action.

Yes, they will still falsify the results, we have no illusions. But if there are many honest people in the commissions, if we come to the polling stations and make the ballots invalid, it will be much more difficult for the regime.

Lukashenka’s vertical is afraid that people will come to the polling stations. We can see it in the public and non-public reaction of the regime representatives.

Democratic forces do not yet name a detailed action plan for the day of the "referendum" and after it; we do not want to reveal all the cards to the dictator prematurely. We are developing several scenarios at once. So let the regime know: we are ready and we will use this period.

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