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Lukashenko has let the Russians into Belarus. Again

What will it lead to?

Pavel Latushka, head of the NAM and Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet, shared his thoughts on the re-entry of Russian troops into the territory of the Republic of Belarus with "MOST"

At least, it will lead to widespread drunkenness, conflicts and, probably, crimes in the areas of deployment of the Russian forces.

And there will be conflicts: most Belarusians do not want this war, and some have already realized: the Russians are occupying our country. There is almost no doubt: there will be not "several thousands" of Russian troops and they will never leave the country.


But the tonnes of lead and TNT that will fall on the heads of the Belarusians, when the concentration of Russian forces in the country reaches values dangerous for Ukraine, will have far worse consequences. Kiev has made it clear: it does not intend to wait for a new Bucha and will nip threats in the bud.

And, bitter as it is to admit, Ukraine and its people have every right to do so. After all, every day rockets launched from the territory of Belarus kill someone’s children, friends and acquaintances there. And there is no chance that Lukashenko really does not intend to open the floodgates of violence and let hordes of Russians to our neighbours who will unleash a new bloodbath there.

Source: Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP / Scanpix / LETA

The second scenario would bring down and destroy everything, including the centuries-old friendship of the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples — Belarus itself would enter the war directly, turning the regime’s military co-aggression into a "ground phase".

This scenario is now more real than ever.

Lukashenko and his henchmen will bear full responsibility for the dire consequences of this step (including economic).

The Belarusian military facing the front will be left with only a simple choice.

How to avoid it? What should the world and all of us do right now?

Read Pavel Latushko’s column at Most


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