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Lukashenko has problems in China

Pavel Latushko commented on the change of ambassador to China

Lukashenko has made several personnel appointments within his self-proclaimed diplomatic corps. As a result, Ambassador Yuri Senko, who Lukashenko claimed failed to fulfill his duties, was dismissed from his position. In his place, the usurper appointed Alexander Chervyakov, the Minister of Economy and a namesake of Lukashenko. Senko served as ambassador for less than three years, whereas the minimum contract length for serving as an ambassador is five years.

Lukashenko has high expectations for Chervyakov as a diplomat, particularly due to the challenging state of relations with the People's Republic of China. This primarily pertains to investments from China and the bilateral trade between the two countries.

China is dissatisfied with Lukashenko for two reasons:

  1. All of Belarus' neighboring EU countries have closed several border checkpoints. There is a threat of complete border closure if the dictator does not cease destabilizing the situation with illegal migrants.

  2. Lukashenko introduced nuclear weapons to Belarus.

Another appointment is the new ambassador to Serbia, Sergei Malinovsky. When appointing Malinovsky to his new position, Lukashenko complained that the Serbs "forgot the good with which we (referring to himself, Lukashenko) came to them," and instead support European-American sanctions against him.

However, Serbia, when faced with the choice between Lukashenko and maintaining good economic relations with the West, ultimately opts for the West. Despite the fondness for Putin and Lukashenko among many Serbian politicians, Serbia intends to join the EU, not the Union State of Belarus and Russia. This decision stems from the fact that only the EU brings economic prosperity and development to the people of Serbia, rather than the senseless wars and devastation offered by an alliance of elderly dictators known as the "Union State." Geographically and culturally distinct countries like China and Serbia, when it comes to the final choice, strive to strengthen their relations with the economically and technologically advanced Western world rather than the Lukashenko regime.

Only by dismantling the Lukashenko regime will Belarus be able to establish normal and healthy relations not only with Western countries but also with Serbia and China.


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