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Lukashenko has stolen the rights of Belarusians

The so-called Minister of Education Andrei Ivanets said that European values are alien to Belarusians.

Let’s list them at least partially for citizen Ivanets:

  • the right to life,

  • the prohibition of torture,

  • the right to liberty and security of person,

  • the right to freedom of movement, equality before the courts,

  • the presumption of innocence,

  • the prohibition of interference with private and family life,

  • the inviolability of the home,

  • the secrecy of correspondence; the right to freedom of thought,

  • conscience and religion,

  • freedom of speech,

  • prohibition of propaganda for war and incitement to hostility or violence,

  • freedom of assembly,

  • freedom of association,

  • the right to take part in the conduct of public affairs, to vote and to be elected,

  • equality before the law, prohibition of discrimination…

All these are fundamental human rights and freedoms. These are the European values that are alien to the so-called minister, and which are being destroyed by Lukashenka’s dictatorship in Belarus. These are our rights, which the Lukashenka regime, its ministers-accomplices, violate daily, hourly, every minute.

But we, Belarusians, are a European people! And the values of democracy, freedom and human rights, European values are our values, the values of Belarus without Lukashenka.


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