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Lukashenko is a dinner sponsor, but will become an "appetizer" himself

Pavel Latushka gave an interview on the air of BBC radio and answered important questions for the British audience about the war in Ukraine and the role of Lukashenko's regime in it.

— Lukashenko has decided to mobilize 20,000 Belarusians for the war. The mobilization will take place covertly, so as not to cause a surge of indignation among the Belarusians (even supporters of the dictator are still against participation in the war). Presumably, mobilization will affect mostly poor regions and those bordering Ukraine. Lukashenko is not thrilled with this necessity, but has to demonstrate loyalty to the Kremlin.

— The dictator does not feel an ounce of responsibility for his actions. An international tribunal for his crimes against the Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples is necessary. There is no doubt about it.

— It is important that the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus be recognized, just as the Polish government in exile during the Second World War. Belarus must be recognized as a country occupied by Russia.

— The actions of Belarus and Russia in the scenario of the coming escalation are likely to include three main stages:

Stage 1: Demonstrating a threat to Ukraine. Consolidation of a grouping of the Belarusian Armed Forces with the Russian contingent in the country (about 9,000 people). Officially, for joint exercises.

Stage 2: Provocations on the border with Ukraine and, possibly, with Poland and Lithuania. Information campaign of state propaganda with the general line "NATO is preparing for war. Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania are about to attack and occupy Belarus".

Stage 3: Final annexation of Belarus by Russia. In Putin's world picture of countries "that really shouldn't have been”, Ukraine was supposed to be "lunch”, but Russia "breaks" its "teeth" about it. "We'll deal with Ukraine later, why not start with the 'dessert' - Belarus - for now?", Putin may be thinking.

Lukashenko is the sponsor of this dinner and will end up being the "appetizer" himself.

The independence of Belarus is melting before his eyes. The blood of 15 volunteers, defending Ukraine at the cost of their lives, but dreaming of a free Belarus. Shot in the knees of "partisans", who tried to stop trains carrying Russian military personnel. Tens of thousands of ruined lives on both sides of Polesye. All this will surely find its "hero" when, following Putin, justice and people's anger will bring the ex-director of the state farm to justice.


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