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Lukashenko is afraid of regime change because he sees Nazarbayev's example

Pavel Latushko in the "Racyja" studio
Pavel Latushko in the "Racyja" studio Photo:

It is important to note that the following article is not an original article, but a retelling and review of an original article published by the editors of Radio Racyja. In the original article, the main character and central figure is Pavel Latushko, a well-known politician, head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, deputy head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus.

Source article:

In Belarus, they have already started to talk about the elections; at least Alexander Lukashenko has already said twice that it is worth preparing for the 2024 election campaign. And he met with Karpenko, who is now chairman of the Central Committee, the processes of preparing for the elections have already started. I would like to draw attention to the fact that Lukashenko, speaking about the elections, mentioned the USA and said that there is no democracy there at all, let them see the Belarusian elections as they should be. What is the reaction to this?

Pavel Latushko: First of all, if we look at how many presidents have changed, and Lukashenko still rules in Belarus, this is the answer to the question of whether there is democracy in the United States or not. How many congressmen and senators have changed during this time and how all these procedures are conducted. How the independent media and the media in general work in the United States. Therefore, this discussion is simply pointless. We must understand that the main principle of democracy is the alternation of power. If there is no alternation of power, it turns into an autocracy, a dictatorship, a totalitarian system - something we have been witnessing for 30 years of Lukashenko's rule in Belarus. If he simply is not aware of himself, what to say about reality. He already thinks that only he may think for the entire Belarusian people, that only he has this unique right, because he even says, "If there's a war, if I have to use nuclear weapons, I will use them, I do not need any consultations with the society. To me this is just an unacceptable situation! This is a sick man who now rules in Belarus. I think the majority of Belarusians agree with me.

Lukashenko said that we do know that 80% of the Belarusians support the chosen course. Does this mean that they are already preparing for it by 80%?

Pavel Latushko: Let's understand one more thing, this cannot be called an election. The first reason is that there is no legal, legitimate authority in Belarus at the moment. Neither Lukashenko, nor his pocket parliament have the right to call elections in Belarus, because they are not legitimate, recognized authorities. So let's call these elections so called. There used to be none in Belarus, because Lukashenko always personally determined the list when it came to parliamentary campaigns.

So there are no elections in Belarus and there won't be any until Lukashenko is functionally in power in our country. 80% is his dream. He never got 80% of the vote in Belarus even in 1994.

And if Belarus goes the way of the successor, if Lukashenko says he won't run anymore, there was talk of Kachanova and some other people.

Pavel Latushko: Lukashenko may have such a backup. We are also hearing rumors that he may be preparing for this transit, but will be very afraid of it. He sees the example of Nazarbayev. What happened in Kazakhstan. And he is scared of this situation. I can't imagine Lukashenko giving up his control over the power apparatus. After all, not to control the way he controls the power apparatus today means to create the risk of its further existence in Belarus. Of course, he has already prepared himself a reserve airfield in China, where his son Kolya is already located, and therefore the Belarusians must know where he will run first, if the situation changes - it is China. Of course, he could go in transit, but I am skeptical.


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