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Five key points on Lukashenko's next nuclear standup

First: Lukashenko is terribly afraid of the Ukrainian counterattack and strikes against Russian military facilities in Belarus. Note: Putin stated that nuclear weapons would be deployed after July 7-8, that is, on the eve of the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12. While Lukashenko says that nuclear weapons will be in Belarus in 2-3 days. 

Second: Lukashenko, who says that he will make decisions about the use of nuclear weapons, is trying to prove to the Belarusians, and especially to the nomenklatura, that he is still subject. After all, the question among the nomenclature is already acute – is Lukashenko still alive as a political figure, or is he rather dead. Even the most loyal circles understand that Lukashenko is a Russian puppet.

Third: Lukashenko is trying to disavow statements by Putin, Shoigu, and other Russian officials, who have repeatedly stated that Lukashenko will not have any control over nuclear weapons. After all, otherwise they have absolutely no counterarguments to the violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Even though their justifications do not stand up to criticism. Nevertheless, in this context, it is still very interesting how they will justify themselves for another nuclear standup of Lukashenko this time. 

Fourth: Unfortunately, the West continues to "monitor the situation" instead of being proactive. Today in the West they monitor Lukashenko's statements – and tomorrow they will monitor the trajectory of the missile? Meanwhile, the West has more than enough arguments and tools for action. Including the resolution of the International Labor Organization adopted on June 12. For our part, given the nuclear threat, we insist on the application of the toughest sanctions against Lukashenko's regime, up to a total trade embargo. 

We also draw attention to the fact that the deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus, as well as all other actions of the Lukashenko regime of complicity in the war against Ukraine, is in full compliance with the Military Doctrine of the so-called Union State of Russia and Belarus – which is more than obvious grounds for harmonization of sanctions, on which we have insisted since the first days of the war and which has not yet been implemented.

Fifth: We Belarusians must understand that the answer for the use of nuclear weapons will come to where it will be used. Besides, the carriers themselves, those Iskander missiles are not superweapons and they can be easily shot down by air defense forces. And this will obviously happen over the territory of Belarus, because no one will wait for a missile with such a warhead to end up in Ukrainian airspace. And all of this is the terrible risks that the Lukashenko regime poses to all Belarusians without exception and regardless of political position.

The nuclear stand-up guy is nervous, less and less in control of himself and his emotions. All these are signs of the approaching denouement. But it is up to us to see if he manages to turn his inevitable finale into a nuclear disaster for Belarus.


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