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Lukashenko is afraid to stay behind the iron curtain

Valery Matskevich, representative of the NAМ team, on the air of Ukraine 24 channel

It is with the consent and approval of Lukashenko that more than 600 missiles were launched on the territory of Ukraine. At the same time he dares to claim neutrality and his readiness to participate in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

The dictator understands that Russia is losing the war and does not want to be among the losers. Lukashenko is afraid to stay behind the iron curtain with Putin and seeks to establish contacts with Western politicians. But thanks to our joint efforts, the West is not ready to compromise in any format until the demands of the Belarusian people are met.

The fact that there is no ground offensive by the Belarusian military is not Lukashenko’s merit. It is the merit of the Belarusians, who do not want to fight against Ukraine and sabotage the orders of the regime in every possible way. Belarusian partisans have carried out more than 80 railroad actions aimed at preventing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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