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Which side of the Iron Curtain will Belarus stay on?

Yuri Gubarevich representative of the NAM team on the air of Channel 24

Lukashenko looks like a cornered animal. He changes his rhetoric literally every three days, knowing how the war with Ukraine will end up for Russia. The dictator is trying to find an excuse for his complicity in the war against Ukraine.

It is obvious that the results of the last CSTO summit did not satisfy either Putin or Lukashenko. The CSTO countries are not eager to get involved in the war and they will not become allies of either the Putin or Lukashenko regime.

All of Lukashenko’s maneuvers to divert attention from his war crimes are aimed at the domestic consumer — it is necessary to send signals to the Belarusian society that the imaginary military threat from Ukraine remains, so it is necessary to mobilize the military in Belarus.

However, the Belarusian military does not want to fight for someone else’s interests and the Belarusans cannot be soaked in propaganda — most of them are still against the war with Ukraine.


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