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Lukashenko's strategy in the war against Ukraine

Yury Hubarevich, responsible for regional development, on the air of "Apostrof TV”

During these months the dynamics of Lukashenko's attitude towards the war has been changing radically. If at first he insisted that Kiev would be taken in a few days, later on these pompous speeches disappeared. However, the Belarusian usurper still claims that he sees Ukraine as a threat, is ready "to respond to provocations", and is an ally of the Kremlin.

Belarusian society should be separated from the Lukashenko regime. Belarusians, for the most part, do not see Ukraine as an enemy. But in Belarus, there is a consistent destruction of all structures of civil society.

On the eve Lukashenko started talking about his successors, but this talk is more than two decades old and is only aimed at defusing the situation among his accomplices. A change of government in Belarus would not be beneficial for Putin, since any change might destabilize the regime.

Lukashenko's underlings expect that with him gone, power will pass to the collegiate body and the security forces, having nominated their candidates, will be able to rule.

Lukashenko has recognized Crimea as part of Russia and is a coaggressor. Ukraine should reconsider its approach to the regime.


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