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Ukraine and Belarus will be free

Putin is a man from the past. Ukraine will be free and independent

Today we heard the words of a man from the past, who told us about the Soviet-Russian past, which he wants to revive. But it has no future, because the future is a whole, independent and free from occupants Ukraine and a free, democratic and independent Belarus.

But what does a decision that grossly violates the principles of international law, which was announced in the Kremlin today, mean for Belarus?

The Russian Federation will try to fully involve the Republic of Belarus in the aggressive actions against Ukraine, to involve the Belarusian people in the war.

Lukashenko's actions to further support Russia in its aggression against Ukraine are directed against the national interests of Belarus and Belarusian society. If the usurper continues to support Russia's position, it will eventually lead to the loss of independence and the destruction of Belarus, so he must understand the full responsibility for his actions.

It is important that Ukraine has shown Lukashenko very clearly what will happen if he agrees to the introduction of a new grouping of Russian troops on the territory of Belarus. The West should also give Lukashenko an ultimatum to show him the personal consequences of his continued support for Russian aggression.

Our position is absolutely clear and open — we are for a united Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine and Long Live Belarus!



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