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Lukashenko should not sit at the negotiating table, but in the dock at the tribunal

NAM head Pavel Latushka in an interview to Ukraine’s Channel 24 about Lukashenko’s controversial statements at the Security Council meeting

The absurdity of Lukashenko’s statements stems from the fact that he is in utter confusion. It is difficult for him to find a way out of the situation in which he has found himself due to his short-sighted policy. First he decides to directly participate in the war against Ukraine, and now he is trying to evade responsibility.

It is worth noting that he calls what is happening a war and not a special operation, which contradicts the official position of his handler Putin. Trying to become a negotiator, he appeals to the thesis of the democratic forces that his regime is a puppet of the Kremlin and is not capable of implementing independent policies and does not represent the interests of Belarusian society.

In what status can he be present at the negotiations? Certainly not as a mediator. The only role he can have at the negotiating table is that of co-aggressor, which he is from the point of view of international law. And the only question he can solve with the Ukrainian side is the question of reparations.

As long as Lukashenko is in power, there can be no security guarantees for either Ukraine or the European Union. He is already threatening hostages, recalling that the Ukrainian ambassador is still in Minsk, and there are many Ukrainians living in Belarus.

If anyone should speak on behalf of Belarus at the negotiations, it is the representatives of democratic forces. Those whom the absolute majority of the Belarusian society entrusted to represent their interests after the elections of 2020. Lukashenko should sit not at the negotiating table, but in the dock of a tribunal.


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