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Lukashenka's dream will not come true

NAM representative Valery Matskevich on the air of Ukraine 24 channel

Belarusians will not allow Lukashenka's dream of the regime's involvement in a ground operation against the Ukrainian people to come true.

The rail war forced Lukashenko to use almost the entire internal troops to guard the railroad tracks. We are receiving signals again and again that the Belarusians are doing everything possible to prevent Russian equipment from entering Ukrainian territory so easily. For this, they are not only detained and tried, but also tortured — already detained partisans are deliberately shot in the legs, aiming at the knee joints. And even the threat of being subjected to such atrocities does not stop Belarusians.

The horrors that are happening in Ukraine now are happening on a smaller scale in Belarus as well. There are facts of rape and looting committed by the Russian military.

Ultimately, war criminals will not evade responsibility, they will face a tribunal. But for justice to prevail, each of us must do everything possible for our common victory.


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