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May 21 — Day of Political Prisoners in Belarus

The Human Rights Center "Viasna" declared 21 May as the Day of Political Prisoners in Belarus. On this day in 2021, political prisoner Vitold Ashurak, an activist from Berezovka, died in Shklou colony #17 under unclear circumstances.

Today the human rights situation in Belarus is only deteriorating, mass repression is becoming more widespread. It is impossible to establish the exact number of political prisoners. According to the Human Rights Center "Viasna", almost 1,500 people are recognized as political prisoners, while according to DissidentBY initiative the number of political prisoners is 1,770, and a number of experts call the figure 5,000.

The NationalтAnti-Crisis Management urges everyone to join the action "May 21 - Day of Political Prisoners in Belarus", to express solidarity with political prisoners of Belarus and once again demand their release.

On May 21 in Warsaw will be held:

  • 13:00 — meeting (Constitution Square) and march in memory of the hero of Belarus Vitold Ashurko. Organized by the Belarusian Youth Hub of the "Viasna" center;

  • 14:30 — meeting and solidarity rally with compatriots, who are now imprisoned for political reasons (Cracow suburb, near the Copernicus monument). Organized by a group of former political prisoners with the support of the People's anti-crisis office, BYPOL initiative, veterans of "Polk Kalinowski" and the Association of Belarusian Businessmen ABBA.

The installation of the "Chain of Solidarity" can be seen from 22 to 28 May at the Museum of Free Belarus (Warsaw, Foksal 11);

  • 17.00 — presentation of projects to help political prisoners "Pravaabaron 2.0" by DissidentBY and writing cards to political prisoners. Organizers - (People's Crisis Management), non-profit initiative DissidentBY, the initiative "Belarusians of Warsaw".

What else each of us can do on this day, as well as the addresses of events of the Day of political prisoners in other countries and cities, see the website of HRC "Viasna".

We care, and let them know it!



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