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Key information on repressions in Belarus

This long list is not all cases of detention, torture and sentences of Belarusians. These are just some of the most famous and absurd cases

  • there are 1421 political prisoners in Belarus today;

  • at least 3661 people convicted for political reasons;

  • since 2020, about 15000 politically motivated criminal cases have been opened;

  • right now, about 4000 people are awaiting trial on political articles;

  • since August 2020, more than 50000 people have been detained.

According to the Human Rights Center "Viasna", at least 317 people were detained in October (in September and October, at least 450 people were detained in Minsk alone for political administrative articles). It is known about at least 193 court sessions on administrative cases: at least 95 administrative arrests and 21 fines were imposed.

In total, 425 years of imprisonment were imposed on politically motivated criminal cases in October. At least 114 people were convicted in "protest" criminal cases.

This long list is not all cases of detention, torture and sentences of Belarusians. These are just some of the most famous and absurd cases.

Repressions in Belarus: October 1 - November 7

October 1

A year of restriction of freedom under home confinement was sentenced to Brest resident Siarhei Beraziuk for insulting police officers. According to the materials of the prosecution, Bereziuk "posted publicly available messages that contradict universal morality, expressed in an indecent form, humiliating the honor and dignity of government officials."

October 2

The Brest Regional Court handed down a harsh sentence in the criminal case of political prisoner Dzianis Salmanovich. He was charged under 5 articles of the Criminal Code at once. The court found Salmanovich guilty and, on the totality of the charges, sentenced him to 10 years of imprisonment in a medium-security penal colony.

Political prisoner Iryna Pryhava from Brest has not been in touch for 4 months. As it became known to human rights activists, not a single letter has come from her in 4 months. Also, the correspondence that is sent to her is returned to the addressees back.

October 3

67 Belarusians were included in the "list of extremists" at once.

Former Belarusian national football team player Vasil Khamutouski was sentenced to 13 days of arrest for sending materials from a Telegram channel recognized as extremist in Belarus.

Dzmitry Semchanka, former TV presenter and ex-head of the “presidential pool” of the ANT TV channel, was arrested for 13 days for distributing "extremist materials".

October 3

Political prisoner Alena Gnauk was deprived of care packages and dates.

8 security officers in full uniform and with St. George ribbons came to detain Volha Ramantsova because of her comment on the Internet.

October 5

Dziyana Kishkarenka was sentenced to 3 years of restriction of freedom in an open-type correctional institution for participating in the "March for the Release of Political Prisoners".

Novopolotsk resident Anastasiya Savuliak called the police and "insulted Lukashenko" — she was sentenced to a penal colony.

October 6

The authorities closed the Catholic Christian social center’s school in Minsk.

A verdict was passed in the "BelaPAN case". Judge Viachadlau Tuleyka awarded the accused journalists the following terms:

  • Andrei Aliaksandrau - 14 years in a penal colony.

  • Iryna Zlobina - 9 years in a penal colony.

  • Dzmitry Navazhylau - 6 years in a penal colony.

  • Iryna Leushyna - 4 years in a penal colony.

Experienced transplant specialist Aliaksei Aliakseichyk, who performed bone marrow transplant operations, was detained.

October 7

A Belarusian was detained for insulting Lukashenko, Putin and Kadyrov. The security forces forced the detainee to apologize separately to Kadyrov and say "Akhmat Sila" on the background of the Chechen flag.

In Grodno, Andrei Sacheuka, man with a mental illness, was sentenced to 6 years in a penal colony.

October 8

Political prisoner Uladzislau Barysau was deprived of dates in the colony.

October 10

A court in Minsk sentenced Alena Latushka, the wife of the cousin of politician Pavel Latushka, to 2,5 years of restriction of freedom under home confinement. Earlier, her husband Anatol Latushka was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Mikhail Korzun was sentenced to 4 years in a penal colony for negative comments against Lukashenko.

October 11

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the creators and volunteers of the Kalinouski regiment.

Dzmitryi Shabetnik was sentenced to 2,5 years in a penal colony for reposting news about Russian aggression.

A resident of Mogilev, Arkadz Gumennikau, was detained in a barber shop for "distributing photos of the white-red-white flag in social networks".

The pastor of the New Generation church, Siarhei Paulouski, was detained.

October 12

The deputies adopted a bill toughening travel abroad for security forces and those who came under administrative prosecution.

The KGB will be able to restrict Belarusians from leaving the country for six months if it "contradicts the interests of the national security of Belarus." It is not reported which citizens and on what grounds will fall into this category.

Trip abroad will be prohibited for those against whom the administrative process is being conducted, and the court has not yet made a decision. This includes "political" articles of the Administrative Code: "disobedience", "violation of the order of organizing or holding mass events " and others.

Employees of law enforcement agencies, including civilian personnel, will be allowed to leave Belarus only in agreement with the leadership. If such persons have a biometric passport, they will have to hand it over to the personnel department for the duration of their service.

October 13

"Rail partisan" from Asipovichy Aliaksei Shyshkavets was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment in a medium-security penal colony.

Minsk resident Dzmitry Kavalenka was sentenced to 15 days for "Pahonia" on the license plate of the car. In addition, Dzmitry's car was taken away for examination and not returned after his release.

GUBOPiK detained resident of Mogilev Dzianis Kleshchanka - he was forced to trample his cap with "Pahonia" and sing songs of "Lube" (Russian band).

October 14

The Partyzanski district court of Minsk sentenced political prisoners Alena and Dzmitry Paulovich to a penal colony. They have 2 minor children. Alena was sentenced to 2 years, Dzmitry — 1.5 years of imprisonment in a general-security penal colony.

The list of "extremists" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was replenished with 79 surnames at once.

The married couple of political prisoners was convicted for participating in protest actions: Anton Maslyka — penal colony, Katsiaryna Yeudakimava — restricted freedom under home confinement.

Yury Kazakevich, the owner of a shop with national symbols, was detained in Baranavichy.

Orthodox priest Uladzislau Bagamolnikau was convicted again. He will be kept behind bars for at least 59 days.

October 15

The co-owner of the "Studio of the national Belarusian tattoo 1863" Andrei Vaitsekhovich was detained in Bierazino.

October 17

Sentences were passed in the "Autukhovich case" (judge - Maksim Filatau):

  • Mikalai Autukhovich - 25 years in a maximum-security penal colony;

  • Pavel Sova - 20 years in a medium-security penal colony;

  • Viktar Snehur - 19 years in a medium-security penal colony;

  • Iryna Melkher - 17 years in a general-security penal colony;

  • Volha Mayorova - 20 years in a general-security penal colony;

  • Uladzimir Hundar - 18 years in a medium-security penal colony;

  • Siarhei Rezanovich - 16 years in a medium-security penal colony;

  • Liubou Rezanovich - 15 years in a general-security penal colony;

  • Pavel Rezanovich - 19 years in a maximum-security penal colony;

  • Halina Dzerbysh - 20 years in a general-security penal colony;

  • Anton Melkher - 2 years and 6 months in a general-security penal colony;

  • Iryna Harachkina -6 years and 1 month in a general-security penal colony.

October 18

Babruysk resident Viachaslau Bukas was arrested for blue-yellow lamps near the monument to "victims of unjustified repressions." He was identified by fingerprints.

October 19

The Minsk District Court passed a verdict in the criminal case against political prisoner, "rail partisan" Siarhei Glebka - 11 years in a medium-security penal colony and a fine of 300 basic units (9600 BYN). After the arrest, Siarhei was beaten - this can be seen in the "penitential videos".

Slonim resident Aliaksandr Petushkou was sentenced to 7,5 years in a penal colony for speaking out about protests in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The ecological organization "Ecodom" is recognized as an "extremist formation".

October 20

According to human rights activists, prisoners of the Babruysk colony are "forbidden" to talk to political blogger Pavel Spiryn. For communicating with him, prisoners are punished with "days" in a punishment cell.

October 21

Special criminal proceedings have been initiated against Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya (10 criminal cases initiated), Pavel Latushka (8 criminal cases initiated), Volha Kavalkova (5 criminal cases initiated), Maria Maroz (4 criminal cases initiated), who are scheduled to be tried in absentia.

October 22

Pinsk resident Pavel Malitvik was sentenced to 2 years in a penal colony for 2 comments.

October 24

Former A1 press secretary Mikalai Bredzeleu was sentenced to 4 years in a penal colony.

The list of "extremists" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was replenished with 143 surnames at once.

Belarus officially withdrew from the Aarhus Convention.

Gomel resident Anastasiya Petrachenka was detained for allegedly "donating" to the Kalinouski regiment.

October 26

Political prisoner journalist Siarhei Satsuk was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

The decision of the Minsk City Court liquidated the "Viartanne" foundation, which has contributed to the development of Belarusian culture, education and science for many years.

A student was detained in Brest - he drew an explosion on the Crimean Bridge in class.

October 27

Information products of the Telegram chat "Volkswagen club Gomel " were recognized as "extremist materials".

Political prisoner journalist Ales Liubenchuk was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

The employee of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Cardiology Anton Naumau was detained.

A man was detained who is accused of self-publishing a protest material. The detainee's name is Andrey Famin.

October 28

The lawyer has not been allowed to visit 19-year-old former political prisoner Anita Bakunovich for a month.

The Interior Ministry recognized 625 people as "extremists" at once. Now there are almost 1500 surnames in the corresponding list.

In Baranavichy, the director of an auto parts store called the Russians occupiers and refused to sell them goods. He was detained.

The employee of the Ministry of Education Siarhei Naumchyk was detained in Minsk. He was detained in a brutal manner.

Human rights activist Nasta Loika was detained.

Priest Uladzislau Bagamolnikau was convicted for the fifth time in a row.

October 29

The regime denounced the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The relevant law signed by Lukashenko was published on the national legal internet portal.

A well-known Belarusian band “Tor band” was detained in Rahachow.

October 30

GUBOPiK detained Yauhen Alkhovik because he put "likes" under posts against the war.

October 31

3 members of the United Civic Party were punished by the colony for participating in a protest action:

  • Arthur Smaliakou and Dziyana Charnushyna - 2 years of imprisonment in a general-security penal colony;

  • Andrus Asmalouski - 3 years of imprisonment in a general-security penal colony.

The security forces detained 6 people for hanging the white-red-white flag and the flag of Ukraine. It became known that the detainees were Ihar Tsepleyeu, Yury Nestsiarenka, Viktar Grynko, Valer Balabeshka, Uladzimir Savelieu, Ihar Tsikach.

GUBOPiK and riot police checked the phones of political prisoners, sentenced to restricted freedom in an open penal facility:

  • Open correctional facility No. 43 (Mogilev): Vital Markusheuski;

  • Open correctional facility No. 29 (Vaukavysk): David Sharakou, Dzmitry Gureyeu, Artsyom Leshnevski;

  • Open correctional facility No. 49 (Shklou): Aleh Pasiuk;

  • Open correctional facility No. 7 (Pruzhany): Aliaksandr Sechko, detained by the KGB, was taken away in handcuffs;

  • Open correctional facility No. 6 (Sushki): Dzmitry Maksimchyk, Uladzimir Khamichkou;

  • Open correctional facility No. 21 (Mazyr), No. 17 (Gomel), No 9. (Vitebsk): the names of the detainees are unknown.

It is reported that at night people was gathered in one room, where they were kept without food and water. KGB officers took people two at a time and carefully checked phones and messengers.

Human rights activist Nasta Loika was arrested again for 15 days.

November 1

The Polotsk court arrested businesswoman Tatiana Shestak for 30 days for attempting to transfer a collective appeal to local authorities. She was convicted for her avatar on social networks.

A relative of Belarusian volunteer Vasil Parfiankou, who died near Lisichansk in the summer, was detained.

In Minsk, Uladzimir Kanaplitski was detained at the exit of a bus from Warsaw.

Mother with many children Ina Panova was awarded 1,5 years in a penal colony for participating in a protest march.

Lithuanian citizen Elena Cymbalist, who works as a teacher in one of the Minsk schools, was detained in Minsk for going to post-election protests twice.

The chairman of the Independent Trade Union "Naftan" Volha Brytsikava was detained.

November 2

In Grodno, security forces detained official from the regional administration Aleh Sala - in the "penitential video" he "confesses" that he voted for Tsikhanouskaya.

3 teachers of the European Humanities University were detained.

Well-known priest of the Greek Catholic Church Ihar Kandratsieu was detained in Brest.

The editor of the newspaper "Church" Ihar Baranouski was detained in Brest.

A raid at the Academy of Sciences - the KGB detained 44 employees.

The security forces smashed the head of a man because of a Belarusian sticker on a car.

November 3

The political prisoners, leaders of the United Civil Party were sentenced: Antanina Kavaliova — to 1 year in a penal colony, Aksana Aliakseeva — 1,5 years in a penal colony, Mikalai Kazlou — 2,5 years in a penal colony.

Taxi driver from Cherykaw Dzmitry Ivanou was sentenced to 1,5 years of restriction of freedom for a comment about a policeman.

Tuberculosis patient Liudmila Samok was sentenced to a year in a penal colony: she called Lukashenko a "goat".

Andrei Kirpichenka was detained in Mogilev for supporting Ukraine in TikTok.

Rechytsa resident Pavel Gushcha showed the middle finger to the Russian soldiers - he was detained by riot police. In the "penitential video”, Pavel was forced to apologize and say that he was mistaken that Russian troops were attacking Ukraine from the territory of Belarus — in fact, they allegedly "protect us".

November 4

10 lawyers were deprived of their licenses at once.

Dokshyts resident Siarhei Grybovich is being tried for his intention to go to fight in Ukraine against Russian troops.

In Baranavichy, Yauhen Shaibak was awarded 1 month of arrest for protest drawings.

The house of the Greek Catholic priest Ihar Kandratsieu was searched.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs updated the "list of persons involved in extremist activities" - the list was updated immediately by 244 names. 7 more people were added to the "terrorist list".

The Investigative Committee, on the materials of GUBOPiK, opened a criminal case against the organizers of the regiment "Pahonia".

November 5

The employee of the “Viartanne” Foundation Siarhei Makarevich was detained.

GUBOPiK trashed another apartment - apartment of the press secretary of the Kalinouski regiment Kristina "Chabor".

November 6

The top manager of the mobile operator “life:)” Artsiom Voun was convicted of "leaking data" to 8 years in a penal colony.

The Associate Professor of the Department of Literary and Artistic Criticism Siarhei Garanin was detained at the Academy of Sciences.

71-year-old academician-biologist Aleh Davydzienka and his wife Natalia Davydzienka were arrested.

Minsk resident Stanislau Kuzmitski was sentenced to 15 years in a high-security penal colony for administering protest chats.

November 7

GUBOPiK detained a man whose car had traces of a sticker with a chase.

"One guy was beaten so that he could only lie on his stomach". Literary critic Siarhei Garanin told about his days in Okrestina.

"There were a couple of criminal convicts in the cell with us, but they were controlled, not even allowed to swear. They willingly made contact and obeyed the general rules.

Of course, there are no linen, there are no walks either, everyone has a cough because of the sultry air, eyes are swollen with pus. And lice, of course.

I feel sorry for the young guys, because they were very badly beaten in GUBOPiK. One guy was beaten so that he could lie only on his stomach. We put him under the bars, there was a bit of cold air. So he could sleep.

It is psychologically easier for those who remember the Soviet Union: unlike young people, we are not surprised that "people can be treated like this", we do not expect anything, do not hope for anything and do not believe in anything. Are you in jail? Well, sit down and don't anger the "boss", because it will be worse for yourself. The time will come - and everything will return. Everything will definitely come back! After all, it won't be like this forever! Long live Belarus!".


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