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Museum of Free Belarus

All-Belarusian March
"All-Belarusian March" Minsk, 2020 Photo:

The events of the recent history of Belarus are a source of hope for our people as they continue their difficult struggle against dictatorship and Russian occupation. The Museum of Free Belarus will be a unique cultural site where historical artifacts related to the protest movement of the Belarusians from 2020 to the present will be collected, preserved, and displayed

The most important socio-political events in the modern history of Belarus are taking place today. Thousands of Belarusians across the country and abroad are engaged in active opposition to Lukashenko and his puppet regime.

Participants of the protest movement collected many documents and artifacts that have historical and cultural value for New Belarus and are items of museum value. These include printed documents signed by the leaders of the democratic forces of Belarus, personal belongings of Belarusian political prisoners, posters, and flags of participants of peaceful actions, and much more.

Obviously, today it is impossible to openly collect, store and display such items in Belarus because of the threat of their confiscation or destruction by the Lukashenka regime. Some items are secretly kept in the homes of free Belarusians, while others have been taken by those who left the country because of political persecution to Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and other countries.

Over time, these documentary evidence of the history of the Belarusian protest may be lost. That is why it is extremely important now to start collecting such artifacts, to ensure their preservation and, at the same time, to demonstrate the events on the difficult path of the Belarusians to democracy.

Currently, the museum collection has begun to form on a volunteer basis, it includes several dozen items of museum significance. The Warsaw municipality has provided over 367 square meters of premises for the museum in the heart of the Polish capital.

By creating the Museum of Free Belarus, the NAM team in cooperation with partners seek to create a cultural and educational space in Warsaw, where historical artifacts related to the peaceful protest movement of the Belarusians will be collected, preserved, and displayed to residents and guests of Poland.

The Museum of Free Belarus project has already been supported by democratic forces of Belarus, including the Office of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the Belarusian Rada of Culture. There is a preliminary agreement on cooperation with the National Institute of Museology and Heritage Protection of Poland, the largest social archive in Poland — the Karta Foundation, the Hoover Institution of War, Peace and Revolution at Stanford University (USA), the Belarusian Library and the Museum named by F. Skharyna in London (UK).

We believe that the newly created Museum of Free Belarus will become a new popular venue for Belarusian cultural activists who had to emigrate, and a very important and visited cultural object not only for the Belarusians, but also for all residents of Warsaw and guests from other European cities, showing their solidarity with Belarus.

Publications on this topic

  • Latushko suggested that Lukashenka’s Palace be turned into a "Museum of Free Belarus" (English subtitles)

  • A painting from Olga Yakubovskaya’s famous protest series was given to the Museum of Free Belarus

  • Vladimir Neklyaev donated his book to the Museum of Free Belarus

  • The bullet that wounded the Belarusian on August 9, 2020 — in the fund of the Museum of Free Belarus

  • "One day We will return home together." Kristina Timanovskaya’s medal was donated to the Museum of free Belarus

  • Kristina Timanovskaya’s medal will be donated to the Museum of Free Belarus — Belsat TV


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