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Not a cent for the war with Ukraine!

The National Anti-Crisis Management in March 2022 initiated a campaign to suspend foreign companies and service providers in Belarus and increase economic pressure on the Lukashenko regime

With the outbreak of war, the National Anti-Crisis Management started to inform Western companies about Lukashenko’s role as a co-aggressor against Ukraine — with the aim of suspending the activities of such companies in Belarus. The regime must not receive a cent for the war with the fraternal Ukrainian people.

We have prepared and sent appeals to the companies which have stopped their business in Russia, but continue to work in our country, demanding that they suspend cooperation with the Lukashenko regime. 149 Western companies have suspended their operations in Belarus because of the regime’s co-aggression.

The NAM team is engaged in multilateral diplomatic work and is conducting a large-scale information campaign to ensure that the Belarusian regime is subject to the toughest possible sanctions, like those imposed on Russia.

Our goal is to eliminate the "Belarusian offshore" and deprive the Putin and Lukashenko regimes of the resources to continue the war and occupation of Belarus.

We continue to urge the leadership of companies which have already given up their presence on the Russian market and ceased funding the Putin regime — to take a similar action against the Belarusian market and stop funding the Lukashenko regime.

If you are a representative of an organization or institution of the Belarusian democratic forces, or if your activities relate to opposition to the Lukashenko and Putin regimes and their military aggression against Ukraine, you are welcome to join our campaign and use a sample of our letter.

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