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NAM and the Free Belarus Museum gained control over the State Catalog of the Museum Fund of Belarus

Pavel Latushka: Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, Ambassador

Pavel Latushka's team has secured control over the State Catalog of the Museum Fund of Belarus. This was achieved without assistance from individuals within Belarus, and no museum employees were put at risk.

Anatoly Markevich, the illegitimate Minister of Culture, holds no true authority over Belarusian cultural affairs. We now possess the catalog, encompassing nearly 165,000 museum objects – items that constitute the national heritage of the Belarusian people, not possessions of the Lukashenko regime.

Control of the State Catalog of the Museum Fund of Belarus has been transferred to the Free Belarus Museum, one of the many projects of the National Anti-Crisis Management (NAM). This provides all Belarusian citizens with access to information about museum objects housed in the Republic of Belarus's museums and collections.

Let this serve as a warning: anyone attempting to destroy, damage, sell, or illicitly transfer museum objects to third parties or foreign entities should be aware that we have a complete record of these objects – their condition, location, and those responsible for their care.

Those found culpable of destroying, stealing, or illegally transferring museum objects will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Belarusian law.

As a first step, and at the suggestion of Pavel Latushka and the staff of the Free Belarus Museum, the following items, each representing the historical and cultural heritage of the Belarusian people, were formally entered into the State Catalog on May 26, 2024:

  • A white-red-white flag embroidered with the names of Belarusian political prisoners, created by Maryia Hryts;

  • The "White-red-white bride" dress, created by Ina Zaitsava;

  • Clothing belonging to Belarusian hero and Kalinouski Regiment volunteer Vasyl (Atom) Grudavik, who died in 2022 fighting for a free Ukraine and an independent Belarus;

  • Clothing belonging to Belarusian political prisoner Yulia Marchanka (Yunitskaya);

  • The official record of election results from polling station number 35 (Lida) for the 2020 Belarusian presidential election, documenting the decisive victory of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya;

  • The Square of Free Belarus sign – an exact replica of the street sign in Bialystok.

Furthermore, we are adding to the State Catalog today a photograph of the " Latushka’s Team and the Movement 'For Freedom'" coalition, who have participated in the first direct democratic elections for the Coordination Council.

These items, now formally included in the Belarusian Museum Fund, embody our historical truth and national heritage—the very foundations upon which we will build our country's future. The Museum Fund will continue to grow and evolve.

During my tenure as Minister of Culture, I was privileged to inaugurate numerous museums across Belarus, helping to expand their collections and curate new exhibitions. Some endeavors were particularly meaningful: the Vasil Bykau Museum in Zhdanovichi, a branch of the State Literary Museum of Belarus; the new multimedia exhibits at the Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum; my contributions to the restoration and reopening of the Nesvizh Palace and Mir Castle, both UNESCO World Heritage sites; and my initiative to establish a museum honoring the remarkable musician Czesław Niemen.

The Free Belarus Museum, which has found its home in Warsaw for the time-being, holds a special significance for me. I am certain that it will open in Belarus upon our return to freedom—ideally, in the very palace that the usurper occupies today. As a politician and as a Belarusian, this is a goal I will strive for relentlessly.

To the dedicated employees of Belarusian museums: I know you to be honest, hardworking individuals who understand that heritage is more than an abstract concept—it is something to be cherished and preserved. Your skills and dedication will be essential in building a new Belarus.

Long live Belarus!

Pavel Latushka Minister of Culture of Belarus (2009-2012) Deputy Head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus



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