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Evening-meeting of friends of the Museum of Free Belarus

On July 22, the Museum of Free Belarus invites to the "Evening-meeting of Friends of the Museum of Free Belarus" dedicated to the anniversar

On July 17, 2022, the National Anti-Crisis Managment in the center of Warsaw opened a new Belarusian space — Museum of Free Belarus. Over the year, the Museum has become one of the most popular Belarusian venues in Warsaw, well-known outside the Polish capital - together with the co-organizers, the Museum held more than 160 events attended by more than 9,000 people.

On July 22, events dedicated to the anniversary of the opening of the Museum of Free Belarus will be held in a cozy and friendly atmosphere, simultaneously at 5 venues.

For the first time at 16:00, a children's playground will open, where guests will have a meeting with the artist Alexander Zhdanovich (Malyavanych) - theatrical games, reading fairy tales and making fairy-tale characters, showing a Belarusian nativity scene - performances "King Herod" and "Pippi - Longstocking".

From 16:00 to 21:00, an art market will open in the courtyard near the Museum, where talented artists and designers will present their works and where you can buy unique products of Belarusian craftsmen. On the same site, you can view and purchase book novelties of Yanushkevich's publishing house.

The main venue of the event — a large courtyard near the Museum — will open at 17:00 with a performance by the Warsaw Free Orchestra. representatives of the Belarusian democratic forces, the authorities of Poland, the mayor's office of Warsaw, diplomats were invited to the opening ceremony of the event.

Concert-gift for all friends will start at the same venue where famous Belarusian performers will perform. The program includes Vladimir Pugach, Margarita Lyavchuk with Konstantin Garochym and Serzhuk Dovgushav.

In the gallery space of the Museum, a total installation "From Edge to Edge" by Igor Tishin will be shown - a continuation of the thoughts of the famous Belarusian artist and their artistic embodiment of today's Belarus.

In the museum room of our space, which will be open throughout the day, you can see a mini-exhibition of the brightest exhibits donated to the foundation, leave a wish in the Book of Honored Guests, and in this room you can bring and donate to the Museum items related to your personal history of participation in the Belarusian protest.

We continue to create a museum fund to preserve our history!

Address of the Museum of Free Belarus: Foksal 11, Warsaw.


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