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NAM commentary on the new OHCHR report on human rights violations in Belarus

Жесткие задержания в Минске

We express our gratitude to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for its attention to the situation in Belarus and its significant efforts in documenting the crimes committed by the Lukashenko regime against civilians. It is of utmost importance that acts of violence, including persecution, are increasingly referred to by their proper name and recognized as crimes against humanity.

NAM has thoroughly reviewed the latest report from OHCHR and believes that certain crucial crimes committed by the regime have not received sufficient attention. Failure to acknowledge these crimes may result in victims being denied fair justice.

It is important to note that a significant number of Belarusians have been forced to flee the country due to fear of reprisals based on political persecution.

The scale of the situation and the number of Belarusians who have been compelled to leave their country are critical matters that are not adequately addressed in the OHCHR report.

Following the precedent set by the International Criminal Court (ICC), the circumstances created by the regime that force citizens to leave Belarus could be classified as crimes against humanity in the form of deportation.

It appears that the Office of the  ICC Prosecutor could potentially establish jurisdiction to investigate a situation involving the possible commission of a crime against humanity, specifically the deportation of the civilian population of Belarus to countries that are signatories to the Rome Statute.

NAM expresses concerns that the failure to mention this violation may contribute to the denial of this phenomenon as a crime against humanity.

Comprehensive documentation of the regime's crimes is necessary to facilitate the possibility of holding the perpetrators accountable. Therefore, we will continue to collect and analyze information regarding the atrocities committed by Lukashenko and his accomplices.




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