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New details of the ICAO investigation

The bomb threat was false. Belarusian officials committed a crime

The document containing the list of decisions and conclusions of the ICAO Council on the results of the last report was received by the NAM.

The main theses of the document:

  • a number of high-ranking Belarusian officials were directly responsible for the incident or, at least, were involved in it;

  • the bomb threat was deliberately false. This fact is established reliably;

  • the actions taken by the Belarusian authorities grossly violate the Montreal Convention and the Chicago Convention on Principles and Safety of Civil Aviation;

  • the safety of the Boeing and more than 100 passengers on board has been jeopardized — these actions are a crime.

What does it mean?

Based on international civil aviation practice, these conclusions mean that:

  • The aviation sanctions against Belarus cannot be lifted;

  • Belarus has no chance of resuming air travel in full as long as the usurper is in power.

The NAM will demand that the guilty persons be added to the EU terrorist list.

It is these individuals, as well as the Lukashenko regime as a whole, who are fully responsible for the isolation of our country. It is in the interests of every Belarusian to achieve the overthrow of the terrorist dictator and his accomplices.


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