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No to Russia Day in Belarus! No to the Russian occupiers and their puppet Lukashenko!

On June 11, the Russian occupation authorities and Lukashenko's puppet government plan to hold a big concert in Minsk on the occasion of Russia Day

Considering that:

1) The Republic of Belarus has been occupied by Russia with the full assistance of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Lukashenko's puppet government serving as the occupation administration;

2) in violation of international law, bilateral agreements with Ukraine, the Constitution and the military doctrine of the Republic of Belarus, our country was used by the military aggressor Russia as a staging ground for an attack on Ukraine and is still used to launch missile and aviation strikes on the territory of Ukraine, while the puppet Lukashenko government provides all necessary infrastructure and support for this, which is a direct complicity in military aggression;

3) Russian troops and military bases are on the territory of Belarus without the consent of the people of Belarus;

4) more than 1,500 Belarusians have been detained and repressed for anti-war actions since February 24;

5) a number of detentions of railway guerrillas were carried out with particular and unjustified cruelty, namely, after the detention Russian occupants' aides shot the detainees in the knee;

6) on May 13th Lukashenko signed a law authorizing the death penalty in the form of execution for "attempted terrorist acts" in order to intimidate active Belarusians, who have hardly stopped resisting the Lukashenko regime and Russian occupiers for two years, which in the conditions of legal default unleashes the hands of the Lukashenko regime to strengthen political terror and introduce the "legalized" practice of politically motivated murders of Belarusians;

7) The number of political prisoners in Belarus continues to grow every day, and currently stands at over 1,200, some of whom have been detained since February 24th for opposing Russian military aggression, including for broadcasting data about the movement of Russian troops and equipment to the "Belaruski Gayun" telegram channel;

8) Lukashenko's puppet government has tightened its policy of Russification of Belarusians and is actively campaigning to destroy Belarusian-language publishing houses and bookstores;

9) Belarusian pro-governmental media and propaganda telegram channels are actually controlled by Russian propagandists.

The National's Anti-Crisis Management categorically considers the intention of the Russian occupiers and their accomplices in the person of Lukashenko's puppet regime to celebrate Russia Day in Belarus unacceptable; strongly protests against this intention and calls upon all residents of Minsk and other Belarusian cities to boycott any events dedicated to Russia Day, actively resist their propaganda by all available means and take any other actions to disrupt the Russian occupiers' plan to hold Russia Day in Belarus.

We call upon all our international partners to publicly support our position, the anti-war and anti-occupation struggle of the Belarusian people and reiterate the importance and necessity of official international recognition of the Russian occupation of Belarus, the recognition of the Lukashenko government as a puppet government and military aggressor and the Lukashenko proxy regime in order to end the Russian occupation of Belarus, withdraw all Russian troops from our country, stop using the Lukashenko regime's power and cease its existence.

No to the Day of Russia in Belarus!

No to the Russian occupation! No to the Lukashenko puppet regime!


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