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Nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus

Pavel Latushka
Pavel Latushka Photo: The NAM-Media

The decision to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of the Republic of Belarus was implemented in accordance with the updated Military Doctrine of the so-called Union State of Russia and Belarus, adopted on November 4, 2021, signed personally by Lukashenko, who is the chairman of the Supreme State Council of the Union State. This decision was announced by Putin, who stressed that Belarus is not a subject for him.

Among the measures to "ensure the military security of the Union State," its Military Doctrine specifies that "nuclear weapons of the Russian Federation will remain an important factor in preventing nuclear military conflicts and military conflicts involving conventional means of destruction.

It is on the basis of this point that Putin and Lukashenko are taking action to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. This measure is seen by the Russian Federation as necessary to solve the following tasks:

1. Creating a direct nuclear threat, primarily to Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania from the territory of Belarus, and ensuring the security of the territory of the Russian Federation from retaliation in case of the use of these weapons from the territory of Belarus.

2. Preparing to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine after the completion of the deployment of the Russian nuclear forces on the territory of Belarus and the creation of the unified nuclear forces of the Union State.

3. Completion of the process of Belarus' integration into the Union State and ensuring full Russian control over Belarus within the framework of this association by creating a direct basis for the introduction of a significant contingent of Russian troops into the Republic of Belarus under the pretext of protecting nuclear weapons in the event of a mass uprising of Belarusians or other events that threaten Russia with the loss of control over the Republic of Belarus.

As Deputy head of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus and head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, I renew my appeal to Western partners:

1. To take the toughest sanctions measures, including a trade embargo against the regime.

2. By any available means, to ensure the liquidation of Lukashenko's regime, the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus, Belarus' withdrawal from the Union State, CSTO, CIS and other Russian integration projects, and appropriate guarantees of preserving the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus.

3. To provide the Belarusian democratic forces, the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus and the Belarusian volunteer units in Ukraine with all necessary support to change the situation in Belarus, to secure its liberation from the Lukashenko regime and protection from Russian invaders, and to bring about democratic change thereafter.


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