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Officials battling each other

Artsiom Brukhan, Deputy Head of NAM, interviewed on "6TV Biełaruś" channel

A campaign for appointments to the House of Representatives has commenced in Belarus, characterized by an internal power struggle between different factions. This struggle has always existed, with officials constantly debating among themselves about their level of influence. Sometimes it becomes more apparent, as it is now, and at other times it may be less pronounced.

Within this struggle, two distinct tracks can be identified. The first track involves a power struggle between the security forces, namely the KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Such a struggle has always existed, but it has now escalated to a new level. For instance, the so-called Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs is assembling a group of Russian World propagandists who are sent to the House of Representatives.

The second track pertains to civilian power struggles. Some individuals aimed to secure the position of the Head of Lukashenko's administration, which is essentially the most influential entity after Lukashenko himself. The prime minister and the speaker of parliament do not hold significant decision-making power. The Lukashenko administration, on the other hand, is a highly influential structure within the system, concentrating power at the highest level.

That’s why the struggle doesn’t stop. And it encompasses the involvement of security forces as well. Some individuals may discover bribery within Lukashenko's administration, while others may uncover different means of exerting political influence. The outcomes of these attempts will soon become evident.



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