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On February 27 at 14:00 let's say "no" to war

Can we afford to be silent when rockets that bring death to Ukrainian soil fly up near our native places? Can we afford to be silent when the Russian army drives along our roads to kill Ukrainians?

Russia attacked Ukraine. Through Lukashenko's fault, in front of the eyes of the whole world, aggression against the brotherly people is taking place from the territory of our country.

Therefore, every citizen of Belarus should realize his responsibility and believe in his importance in this moment.

To say a loud "no" to the war so that we are heard and taken seriously, we will meet near the polling stations on February 27 at 14:00 to show that we are against the war and the deployment of Russian troops on our land.

The most important task before then is to spread the word about the plan of action. In order for the protest against the war to be successful, we need to defeat the war in the information space.



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