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An appeal to all real Belarusians and Belarusians!

I will start with the words — «Вялікі дзякуй!»

Yesterday, thousands of brave citizens of our country, thousands of real Belarusians came out to protest against the criminal war with Ukraine.

You are heroes. You are an example for millions and a hope for a free Belarus — from dictatorship, war and occupation. You defended the honor and reputation of Belarus before brotherly Ukraine. Thank you for that!

We saw each other again and felt our strength. We were intimidated for a year and a half — but we showed that civil society in Belarus cannot be destroyed. We proved that we are able to transcend fear.

This is an important step. And we should not stop. We go on!

Today at 18:00 every real Belarusian and Belarusian woman will again take to the streets of their cities and towns.

This time our gathering points are station squares.

Our minimum task is to come to the rally against the war.

Our maximum task is to block the railroad tracks.

The Belarusian railroad is at the disposal of foreign troops of their criminal accomplice Lukashenko. It's time to remember our partisan past.

Yesterday, joint efforts of brave Cyberpartisans and participants of the plan "Peramoga" managed to paralyze traffic on several sections of the road. It is important for us to stop the movement of military convoys — wherever possible.

You all read the news. You see reports about units being put in full combat readiness for a direct invasion of Ukraine by Belarusian soldiers.

Belarusians! Will we be able to allow our army to go to war with Ukraine and to let our soldiers die there? Can we allow the honor of our country — our honor with you — to be stained with blood?

NO! Never!

And that is why today at 18:00 it is important to go out into the streets again. We'll gather at station squares and stations. And we will not allow military echelons to pass into Ukraine from our land.

Resist! Act! Fight!

Жыве Беларусь!

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