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On the detention of two Belarusians in Poland on suspicion of committing subversion

The first thing that is important to take into account is that Russia and Lukashenko's regime are interested in making Belarusians a "threat" for the West. They have already artificially managed to stir up an information provocation / special operation called "Litvinism" in Lithuania. 

It would not have been possible to create serious tension in Poland on national-historical grounds, so they immediately upped the ante to terrorism. They cannot be allowed to succeed and sway Polish society. 

In addition, earlier we shared information that the Lukashenko regime issued Belarusian passports to the Wagnerites on the territory of Belarus to create a legend. And it cannot be ruled out that the detainees may be just such saboteurs.

Belarusians are not Lukashenko's regime. It is the regime or its Kremlin masters who are behind any aggressive actions against Poland and other neighbouring countries.



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