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Our task is to bring the perpetrators of crimes against Belarusians to justice

Angelika Melnikova, NAM project coordinator, told about the work within the framework of universal jurisdiction

What is the importance of round tables on universal jurisdiction?

The organization of round tables in the countries where victims of torture in Belarus live is of practical significance. They are working meetings during which our experts discuss with lawyers, human rights defenders and individual activists the possibilities of cooperation and collaboration for the earliest possible acceptance of applications from Belarusians who have been subjected to violence by the security forces and other representatives of the regime.

We find all those interested or experienced in the universal jurisdiction mechanism — law firms, NGOs and individual activists and politicians — and work together to develop a plan of action.

In five European countries, victims are already protected by professional lawyers with such experience.

How do European officials perceive the idea of bringing perpetrators of torture to justice?

Lukashenko continues to demonstrate his attitude towards democratic values and freedoms. The unprecedented violence on the part of security forces has become a serious challenge to the international ideas of the civilized world about human rights and humanism. European officials support the idea of bringing the perpetrators to justice.

What will happen to this project?

The project will continue until all perpetrators of crimes against Belarusians are brought to justice.

Thanks to the established contacts and developed mechanisms of work in different countries, we will continue to do our best to achieve justice.

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