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Pavel Latushka and the NAM appealed to the Polish Sejm

Pavel Latushka had a conversation with the head of the group on relations with Belarus, Deputy of Sejm Robert Tyszkiewicz and Deputy of Sejm of Poland Michal Szczerba

During the conversation was emphasized the importance of information work in the Polish society aimed at avoiding the identification of the citizens of Belarus, who were forced to leave the territory of Belarus and Ukraine as a result of mass repression by the Lukashenko regime and aggression against Ukraine, with the Belarusian dictatorship.

During the meeting it was agreed to hold a meeting in the Sejm of Poland in the near future on the status of refugees for Belarusian citizens who were forced to leave the territory of Ukraine and the provision of assistance by the Polish authorities to refugees to Belarusians.

Pavel Latushka also sent a corresponding appeal on this issue to the Marshal of the Sejm and the Government of Poland.


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