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Does the world public know Lukashenko's role?

In order for the world public to understand Lukashenko's real role, the NAM is actively communicating with foreign media.

The world community should know Lukashenko's role

Pavel Latushka gave an interview to the South Korean news resource "MoneyS", the Polish edition "Gazeta Polska" and a major Dutch media outlet "NOS".

In an interview with "MoneyS," Pavel Latushka spoke about last year's migration crisis on the borders of Belarus with the EU countries. In a conversation with a journalist of the portal, the head of the NAM noted: Lukashenko developed a specific escalation plan. Its main purpose was to implement Putin's plan — to provoke Poland into an armed conflict with the Belarusian border guards or to force NATO to reconsider its policy in favor of Moscow.

For this purpose, Belarus attracted former military personnel from Iraq, Afghanistan and a number of African countries and trained them in the regional training center "Vidishki”. Under the guise of refugees, the mercenaries took part in skirmishes, after which propaganda announced the "genocide of migrants" by Poles.

Other theses from Pavel Latushko's interview with MoneyS:

Pavel Latushka: Head of NAM, member of the Presidium of the CC
Pavel Latushka: Head of NAM, member of the Presidium of the CC

— The media allegations about the first bombardment of Ukraine from Belarus on February 25th are incorrect. The first missile was launched from the territory of Belarus towards Ukraine on February 23rd at 23.00 Minsk time. Lukashenko himself confirmed the same at the meeting of the National Security Council;

— one of Belarus' important tasks in the war is to maintain tension on the border with Ukraine, so that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would not be able to redeploy troops from the north to Donbass;

— Ukraine must win on its own terms. A territorial compromise in Moscow's favor would end with an invasion of the EU. The first victims of this policy would be Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Pawel Latushka touched upon the above-mentioned topic of the migration crisis in his conversation with the socio-political publication Gazeta Polska. When asked if Lukashenko's regime was ready for a new escalation this fall, the head of NAM confirmed that there was such a possibility, and the scale could be more serious.

"Our sources tell us that Minsk has developed a plan for a conflict on the border with Poland with the possible use of weapons. Without crossing the border, of course, because Lukashenko will not dare to enter NATO territory. This will be done as revenge for Poland's assistance to Ukraine, as well as to show the Russian and Belarusian public: the war is not with Ukraine, but with NATO as a whole," said Pavel Latushka.

Other theses from the interview with Gazeta Polska:

Pavel Latushka: Head of the NAM, member of the Presidium of the CC
Pavel Latushka: Head of the NAM, member of the Presidium of the CC

— The regime and its propaganda continue to consistently form and strengthen the image of Poland as an aggressor and an enemy of the Belarusian nation;

— the destruction of the graves of Krajowa Army soldiers is a vile, barbaric, but logical continuation of these information tactics, along with the Emil Chechko case and accusations of "executions of migrants" at the border, the detention of Andrzej Poczobut and the harassment of Polish schools;

— Lukashenko recently held a closed meeting on creating the most unfriendly working conditions possible for Western diplomats, embassies, and consulates;

— In addition to political and ideological, these actions also have practical goals: to slow down visa issuance and the outflow of Belarusians to the West, to create a pretext for seizing foreign assets, and to banally avenge support for Belarusan democratic forces;

Journalists of NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Association) prepared a large material about the role of the Belarusian regime in the Ukrainian war. In his commentary to NOS, Pavel Latushka spoke about the NAM campaign #PunishPutinsPuppet and emphasized: Lukashenko's responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine is not talked about enough.

Lukashenka uses a false narrative about the risk of encroachments on the territory of Belarus not only by Poland and Lithuania, but also by Ukraine, as one of the justifications for his complicity in the war.

In the case of direct involvement in the war, Belarusian soldiers will face a choice: to be killed in Ukraine or risk their security in their own country. This would end with a boycott of orders and mass protests in the troops, which risk becoming Lukashenko's last.

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