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Pavel Latushka — on another criminal case initiated against him

"Probably, soon they will punish only for the fact that you were born into this world and allowed yourself to criticize Lukashenka"

Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka — about another criminal case initiated against him

— First of all, I would like to wish all of us that we as soon as possible initiate criminal proceedings against real criminals — Lukashenka and his accomplices, who commit real, not fictional, criminal acts.

— The new case is a response to the team of the National Anti-Crisis Management and to me personally for the principled position and persistence in the need to bring the Lukashenka regime to justice. And this responsibility will come inevitably.

— In 2012, the National Film Studio "Belarusfilm" received an award for the first time at the world’s most prestigious international Cannes Film Festival for the film "In the Fog" by Vasil Bykov. And I remember how much effort the Lukashenka administration made to make me refuse to shoot this film.

— This is the Stalinist regime, the Stalinist times that came in our country. But such actions of the General’s Office prosecutor in no way demotivate me. On the contrary, they motivate me to fight. And I spoke about this yesterday in Brussels. And I will speak with all politicians, as well as the UNESCO leadership about the massive repressions against the figures of Belarusian culture — crimes against the Belarusian people must be punished.

— I believe in Belarusians and I am sure that we will win. Long live Belarus!


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