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Pavel Latushka spoke at the opening of the second recruitment of the “Talent Pool”

Pavel Latushka delivered a speech at the opening session of the second set of educational course for the "Talent Pool" campaign. The campaign aims to train professionals in public administration to work in the future New Belarus. The program involves the selection and professional training of Belarusian citizens who will play key roles in implementing reforms in state and local government during the transition period.

In his address to the program participants, Pavel Latushka said the following:

"Dear students of the "Talent Pool" program,

As the Representative of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, I am delighted to welcome you to this program presentation. This project, led by my deputy, Yuri Hubarevich, can be rightfully considered crucial in matters pertaining to the transition of power and the transitional period in Belarus.

My experience in public administration has taught me that the effectiveness of any organization, any body, relies on people—on a team that is formed and prepared to undertake the most ambitious tasks.

And what could be more ambitious than leading our Belarus towards democracy?

The "Talent Pool" program represents an important step towards achieving this goal. Building sustainable democratic institutions is a process that will span more than a year.

I am convinced that you, as students of the "Talent Pool" course, will be the driving force behind systemic changes and reforms in an independent, democratic, and European Belarus.

The knowledge you will acquire in this program will be essential for our country and our people during this critical historical moment of transitioning to democracy. In the future, you will hold key positions within the public administration system.

Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to you for becoming students of the "Talent Pool" program and wish you engaging and informative lectures, productive seminars, and practical training."



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