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People's Embassy of Belarus officially represented the NAM at an international high-level meeting

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya met with Chairperson of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Margareta Sederfelt in Stockholm

The Chairperson also invited the National Anti-Crisis Management to participate in the meeting. The NAM was represented at the meeting by the People’s Embassy of Belarus in Sweden.

This is the first example when the National Anti-Crisis Management was represented at an international meeting by the People’s Embassy of Belarus.

The meeting participants discussed issues and approaches to resolving the regional crisis that arose in connection with falsified elections and ongoing repressions in Belarus.

Representative of the People’s Embassy of Belarus in Sweden Dmitry Wasserman conveyed to the Chairman of the OSCE PA the NAM proposals on resolving the crisis situation, held talks with the head of the French delegation to the OSCE PA Siren Mauborgne, a member of the Swedish delegation to the OSCE Björn Söder and Vice-President of the OSCE PA Pia Kauma (Finland).

The meeting was also attended by Vice-Chairmen of the OSCE PA Askar Shakirov (Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Kazakhstan), Azay Guliyev (Head of the Azerbaijani delegation), Irene Charalambides (Head of the Cyprus delegation) and Pascal Alizar (Deputy Head of the French delegation).

It should be reminded that the People’s Embassies are an initiative of the Belarusian diaspora community "Belarusians Abroad" with the support of the National Anti-Crisis Management to create representative offices of democratic Belarus abroad during the loss of legitimacy of the current government in the country and abroad.


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