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Platform #ExpertEnvironment and discussion No. 3 on the geopolitical choice for Belarus

We share the report and announce discussion No. 4 in an online format

What topic did the experts discuss?

Discussion topic No. 3: “Prospects for building partnerships with the EU in the short and long term.”

Who took part?

  • Vladzimir Astapenka, responsible for multilateral diplomacy at NAM

  • Dmitry Mitskevich, analyst of the Belarus Security Blog project, journalist of the Belsat TV channel

  • Valery Karbalevich, Belarusian political scientist and journalist

  • Vadim Mozheiko, analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)

  • Alena Kudzko, Director of GLOBSEC Policy Institute

  • Dmitry Bolkunets, political scientist and expert in the field of Russian-Belarusian relations

  • Pavel Usov, Political analyst and commentator, Head of the Center for Political Analysis and Forecast

  • Kamil Klysiński, senior researcher at the Center for Eastern Studies

  • Andrei Vardomatsky, Belarusian sociologist, Scientific director of the Belarusian Analytical Workshop

  • Moderator: Valery Matskevich, Representative of the Constitutional Court on the Eastern Partnership, as well as NAM Advisor on political issues and strategic development.

What issues were discussed?

  • The EU's view on the Belarusian issue almost 17 months after the start of the protests. Will there be a third thaw?

  • Does the EU have a clear vision for Belarus in the long term?

  • Turn the page? Does the Lukashenko regime have potential opportunities for geopolitical maneuver?

  • What is the optimal model of interaction between Belarus and the EU from the point of view of the national interests of Belarus?

Full content — here


Discussion No. 4 on the topic “Foreign Policy of New Belarus. From the transition period to sustainable democracy” will be held on January 19 in an open online format. Registration for the broadcast.

The participants in the discussion are former employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. More details about the participants will be found in the next post.

Ask the experts questions in the comments!

We will definitely study all your questions and try to answer them as part of online discussion No. 4.



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