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Poland will close the borders

Complete closure of borders from Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. How realistic is this?

- It is obvious that the statements made by the high-ranking officials of Poland and Lithuania about the possible closure of the borders with Belarus are based on the potential threats to national security posed to our closest European neighbors by the presence in Belarus of armed militants of the Wagner PMC, who have at their disposal including armored vehicles. It is also obvious that these threats are considered real and such an assessment is based not just on information from open sources.

- It is important to note that the statements made show the commonality and coherence of the position of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia and their readiness to act together and jointly respond to threats emanating from the territory of Belarus.

- It is necessary to be aware that the places where Wagner militants gather on the territory of Belarus, in case they carry out aggression, will be legitimate targets for strikes both from the side of the country/countries subjected to aggression, and for the NATO armed forces as a whole .

- As the person directly responsible for unleashing another border crisis, Lukashenka is obliged to immediately withdraw the militants of the Wagner PMC from the territory of Belarus and stop taking actions that threaten Belarus, our neighbors and the entire region with a new military conflict.

- In the event that the decision to completely block the borders is made, regardless of whether any aggression is carried out from the territory of Belarus or such a decision is made preventively, Lukashenka personally bears all responsibility for this, at whose invitation the militants from PMC “Wagner” are located on the territory of Belarus. And in case of aggression, the Ministry of Defense and the State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus will also bear responsibility.

- At the same time, in any case, it is important to insist on maintaining humanitarian corridors for Belarusians - however, it is important to understand that the decision to close borders and other response actions will be taken by our neighbors, based, first of all, on their own national security.

For Lukashenka, the national security of Belarus, obviously, means absolutely nothing. After all, it was he and his criminal actions that led to the fact that the national security, national interests and independence of Belarus today are under the greatest threat in the last 30 years.



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