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Political statement by Pavel Latushko

Pavel Latushka announced his resignation from the Coordinating Council on Euroradio-Live

I decided to resign from the Coordinating Council. I want to say right away that I am continuing the struggle, so that there is no thought that "Latushko decided to end the struggle". No. I continue the struggle. The Coordinating Council is planning to adopt rules of procedure, voting will begin on Sunday and will last 24 hours. The draft of the new CC rules of procedure will lead to the exclusion from the Coordinating Council of me and members of the NAM team working for the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus. The NAM team implements a strategy of pressure on Lukashenko's regime (sanctions, criminal responsibility, international isolation). That is why I declare my resignation now, because it would not be right to do it during the voting.

Everything that is happening now in the CC may lead to a renewed crisis between political institutions and take it to a higher level. We must not go the way of an internal struggle.

Now we have two enemies: Lukashenko's regime and the occupant, the Russian Federation. If we get into a situation of internal disputes and political tug-of-war, we will lose resources and pretend we are fighting. But will we be moving toward our goal?

I made this decision not for personal reasons, but because I understood that there was a threat of a change in the strategy of democratic forces with a transition from pressure on the regime to the position "it is time to negotiate with Lukashenko," which means repeating the scenario that has occurred every 5 years in our country.

I cannot forgive Lukashenko for the crimes he has committed and continues to commit. The most important thing for me is a free and independent Belarus.


Full version of the broadcast on «Euroradio-Live»



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