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Realizing Germany’s Strategy for Belarus: First Steps

Matthias Lutenberg and Pavel Latushka
Matthias Lutenberg and Pavel Latushka. Photo: NAM-media

Pavel Latushka emphasized the significance of the Resolution “For a Democratic Belarus in the European Family,” adopted by the German Bundestag on November 7, 2023. This resolution outlines Germany's policy strategy towards Belarus, including support for the democratic forces in Belarus, the democratic choice of the Belarusian people, and the European aspirations of Belarusians.

During a meeting with Matthias Lutenberg, the political director of the German Foreign Ministry for Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia, possible approaches for implementing the Bundestag's decision were discussed. Pavel Latushka presented the resolution on the European choice of Belarusians, which was adopted at the “New Belarus” conference on August 6, 2023.

Matthias Lutenberg confirmed Germany's commitment to maintaining sanctions pressure on the Lukashenko regime. This includes preventing the lifting of restrictions on the supply of potash fertilizers, which the European Union considers a significant instrument of influence on the regime.

The head of NAM (National Anti-Crisis Management) highlighted the importance of rejecting the upcoming so-called elections scheduled by the regime for February 2024.

Additionally, the meeting delved into potential options for the release of political prisoners in Belarus, particularly in the context of the upcoming Olympic Games in 2024.

Pavel Latushka provided updates on the measures taken by the NAM team to disseminate information to international institutions regarding war crimes committed by the Lukashenko regime and its collaborators, specifically concerning the illegal displacement of Ukrainian children. A separate discussion focused on potential mechanisms for holding Lukashenko and his accomplices accountable for crimes against humanity perpetrated against the Belarusian people.

The German Foreign Ministry expressed its readiness to facilitate communication with the German Ministry of Justice to address issues of responsibility and develop joint initiatives to ensure that those responsible for committing crimes are brought to justice.


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