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Regions of Belarus — is there hope?

Yury Hubarevich, responsible for the regional development of the NAM, answered several questions about what is happening in the regions

What is the situation in the regions now?

The actions of those people, who continue to illegally hold power in Belarus, have led to increased sanctions, especially against the background of participation in the war, the introduction of Russian troops and the continuation of repression. People understand it, although there are difficulties in obtaining information.

Injustice is felt in everything. In Belarus today every citizen, irrespective of his/her views, has no right to speak and has no possibility to say something to his/her immediate superior.

The situation in the country causes a huge outflow of skilled labor from Belarus. This is not only political migration, but also economic.

How do you work with people "on the ground"?

For us, first of all, it's important to have contacts with those people who are now in Belarus, to have a feedback, to know firsthand what the situation in the country is like now. Without such knowledge it is impossible to build a strategy of changes for Belarus. It is impossible to understand clearly what we can expect and to what extent the society today is ready to participate in certain political processes that are offered to it.

What are priorities in your future work?

We do not only monitor the situation, but also work on proposals for the future of Belarus. First of all, it is the reform of local self-government and administrative division. In democratic countries, local governments should not only be elected directly by the population, which is not the case in modern Belarus, but also take into account the needs of local residents.

All this is impossible without reforms. Therefore, we are currently working on reforms as well as on forming a team to implement all this.

We will tell you more about formation of the personnel reserve in the near future. This is a huge work, and we count on the activity of every Belarusian



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