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The future and prospects of Belarus

Vladzimir Astapenka
Vladzimir Astapenka

NAM deputy head Vladzimir Astapenka took part in the Prague European summit, held in November 10-11 in the Czech Republic.

The summit organizers offered to hold a special discussion on "Belarus in the shadow of Russia: the future and prospects”. In his speech to many experts and analysts, Vladzimir Astapenka spoke about the creation and priorities of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, as well as comprehensive support to Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, which is facilitated by the Lukashenko regime.

The increasing threat to the sovereignty of Belarus and the need to consolidate the efforts of all international partners to support democratic forces and create optimal conditions for building a sustainable system of regional security and cooperation were also emphasized.

During the summit Vladzimir Astapenka gave interviews to the media ("Czech Radio", "Radio Liberty", business newspaper "E15"), which showed interest in resolving the internal political crisis in Belarus and the complicity of the illegitimate regime in a war of aggression against Ukraine.

Vladzimir Astapenka expressed confidence in the inevitability of the victory of democracy in Belarus and the continuing relevance of the slogan "Viva Belarus".



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