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Responsibility is inevitable

Speech by Pavel Latushka at the University of Poznan (Poland)
Speech by Pavel Latushka at the University of Poznan (Poland) Photo: NAM-media

"Responsibility is inevitable," Pavel Latushka said during a lecture at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. The participants in the lecture "Crimes committed by the Lukashenko regime" were Polish students and representatives of the Belarusian diaspora.

During the lecture, the most realistic mechanisms for bringing Lukashenko and his accomplices to justice for crimes against humanity committed against the Belarusian people and war crimes related to Russian aggression against Ukraine were presented.

Pavel Latushka provided a detailed overview of the situation with repressions in Belarus in order to inform the Polish public about the real conditions in the country. At the same time, 5 specific mechanisms for bringing representatives of the Lukashenko regime to justice were outlined.

Pavel Latushka answered questions related to the following matters:

  • the situation inside Belarus and ongoing repressions;

  • the prospects for Ukraine's liberation of territories temporarily occupied by Russia and the impact of the war on the future of Belarus;

  • the reaction of the international community to the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus;

  • the activities of democratic institutions of Belarus in exile;

  • issues of protecting the rights of free athletes, and other topics.

More than 50 listeners and media representatives attended the lecture.



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