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Russia occupied Belarus

NAM statement on the fact of the occupation of the Republic of Belarus by the Russian Federation

We state that The Republic of Belarus is a temporarily occupied territory, the Russian Federation is a country occupier, and the Lukashenka regime is a puppet government. And we call on our allies in the democratic movement to support this position, and our foreign partners to give an appropriate international legal assessment of the current situation.

As a result of the wide recognition in the international arena of the fact of the occupation of Belarus by the Russian Federation, it will be possible to effectively promote the following fundamental issues:

1) On maintaining the territorial integrity and independence of Belarus.

2) On preventing the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus and creating threats to regional security.

3) On the assessment of any activity of Belarusian citizens to oppose the Lukashenka regime and the Russian occupation as actions committed within the national liberation movement to protect the sovereignty and independence of our country.

4) On depriving Lukashenka's puppet government of international legal personality and on the suspension of Belarus' membership in international organizations - until the end of the occupation and the democratic formation of a new government.

5) Synchronization of sanctions against Russia and Belarus as occupied territory and eliminating opportunities for Russia to circumvent sanctions through Belarus and use our country as an offshore zone.

To stop the Russian occupation, carried out with the connivance of the puppet government of Lukashenka, means to protect the sovereignty and independence of our country and ensure security in the region.



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