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Sacrifices of Ukrainians and Belarusians — will Europe appreciate them?

In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a number of national states gained independence. But Ukraine and Belarus remained in the sphere of interests of Russia in the understanding of Western politicians. Decades later, we understand that such an assessment of the situation was false.

The sphere of interests stopped satisfying the imperial ambitions of the chimera of the Soviet empire. And when the Belarusan nation decided to make its own choice — the process of occupation of Belarus began. It was this occupation that allowed the strike on Ukraine from the north. This is why Bucha and the storming of Kiev became possible. Because someone once thought that Belarus was someone's sphere of interest.

Only the awakening of the Belarusian society in 2020 moved the situation slightly and instead of cooperation with the regime and turning a blind eye to the dictatorship, we heard from the West a deep concern about violence and repressions.

Today's events are the result of the fact that for some reason some nations are not allowed to exercise their right to self-determination fully. If Europe understands today that the values of Western civilization should take precedence over the interests of different groups, then the dream of Belarusians to get out of the occupation and build their own national democratic state will become a reality.

A free, independent, European and democratic Belarus is a guarantee that Russia will no longer be able to carry out aggression. Ukraine can cover, and Belarus can finally close the gates to Russia's imperial ambitions, but to do so, it must be freed from the dictator and the occupation troops.

Belarusians and Ukrainians made a choice in the direction of European civilization — now it remains to be seen whether Europe will appreciate the sacrifices that Ukrainians and Belarusians made for the sake of it.


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