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Silver "Pogonia" (the Chase) in laurel wreath

The Cabinet begins awarding individuals who have shown exceptional loyalty in the service of Belarus

According to Resolution No. 3, the United Transition Cabinet of Belarus will award the "Honor and Dignity" medal on behalf of the Belarusian people to individuals who have shown exceptional devotion to the service of Belarus.

National Revival Commissioner Alina Koushyk, who was assigned the case, commented on the Resolution:

— "The Pride and Dignity Medal”, which we have already produced, is a silver-colored medallion with the image of the Pogonia in a laurel wreath, with the inscription 'Belarus First' on the reverse side. It reflects Homeland's pride in a man who has exceptionally distinguished himself in service.

The main element of the medal's subject is the Coat of Arms in the characteristic iconography attributed to the artist Jozef Drozdowicz. The laurel wreath is taken from the largest denomination coin of World War II, the gold Portuguese Sigismund August of 1562, which was used primarily as a reward for service. Gathered together, they draw attention to the continuity between the MDU and Belarus, to the existence of a long tradition of the Belarusians awarding for services to the homeland. The inscription "Belarus First" emphasizes the merits of Belarus and its people.

The blue color of the medal ribbon emphasizes the purity of the sky over Belarus. The white-red-white insertion refers to the colors of the national flag of Belarus. The silver color in heraldry means honesty, sacrifice and selflessness.

The best Belarusian heraldists, historians and cultural figures worked on the medal.

Medals were made at the expense of a charitable private donation; the donor's name is withheld at his request.

A special commission, whose composition was approved by the head of the Cabinet Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, will select those worthy individuals who are worthy of the award. We will soon announce the names of Belarusians who will be the first to receive this award. Some of them will be awarded privately for security reasons.

The awarding itself, according to the decision of the Cabinet, should take place in the form of a solemn ceremony with the participation of the head of the Cabinet Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.


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