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Solidarity is our strength

We help each other no matter what

For 1.5 years now, the regime, which has turned the roller of repression into fifth gear, cannot do anything with our desire to win, nor with our will, nor with our main weapon — solidarity. He introduces more and more anti-people laws, trying to close the way for mutual assistance, but we are stronger, we are the majority and the truth is behind us.

Many of this majority — us, the Belarusian people — now, unfortunately, need help. Fortunately, many are ready to help — both our common cause and specific people. Belarusians have demonstrated both of these many times already.

Let us remind you where and how you can help those who have suffered and are suffering right now for our freedom and the freedom of our Motherland (if you are in Belarus, we recommend using a VPN connection ).

Where we help: Digital Solidarity

Who we help: democratic forces and projects for civil society

How we help: financially

Who we help: victims of repression, including political prisoners, and their families

How we help: financially

Where we help: iNeedHelp

Who we help: families of political prisoners and other victims of repression who have become those in need due to the actions of the regime

How we help: financially, with products, or even with “stationery”

Where we help: eHealth

Who we help: honest doctors (at the same time receiving professional advice)

How we help: financially

Who we help: if you yourself are a current or former civil servant — your colleagues

How we help: in any necessary forms

Where we help: Honest University

Who we help: students and teachers of our universities

How we help: in any necessary forms

Where we help:

Who we help: Figures (and bearers) of Belarusian culture

How we help: financially, likes, distribution of works

BONUS:— here are collected initiatives that provide legal, human rights and other assistance. Anyone can become a volunteer! and — we write letters to political prisoners from Belarus and abroad. — a convenient catalog of useful initiatives.

Thank you!



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